16 April 2011


This three piece from Spokane WA is pretty sweeeeeeeeeeet. Shelling out physicals through Aphonia Records, mirror mirror play on some psychedelic, goth, and occasionally 90s alt influenced tunes. If you have been following, their lazy 60s guitar work is very similar to BAD INDIANS, but a bit dreamier and drone-ier. The band has a few releases out - a single, two full lengths, and a three song demo. 'the story,' their first release really sets up the bands sound and easy to see how they work from their roots to their most recent stuff, though all available music has been established in the last four months and it would be strange to see them go in a direction that is entirely different. If you are into some psych-cinematic-resolution themed tunes, and chances are that you are if you are reading this, then please do check them out and as always BUY THE MUSIC, because if you don't, then they will just get famous and a whole bunch of late-comers will, and then you will feel all pissed because someone else likes music that you could have had months, even years ago.


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