16 April 2011


Community College is a punky chunky rock and roll band from somewhere around here. Thanks to their really vague name, there isn't much to be said about the people who make the band, luckily their music speaks for itself.This two-piece puts some heavy reverb on unrecognizable lyrics and their simple fast pace-ed bluesy rock and roll riffs, then they put some noise-y slammin drums in the background so the listener can keep beat. In short, it's awesome. Winter Sessions, their only release, certainly spits out a late 50s sort of vibe and some weirdo punk waves. If you are looking for something to sample at your next fancy dirty and dark dance party, then one of these three tracks is sure to get the kids moving around. DONATE SOME MONEY TO THEM. THEY LIKE IT.


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  1. Check out our new record "Fall Semester". Available for free download at the bandcamp link!