24 November 2011


Despite the Robert Downey Jr. band name...or maybe the Art Brut song title, or the We Are Scientists song title, BANG! BANG! is pretty rockin'. Straight from Sydney, their first release, DO IT! was just put out a handful of months ago, a perfect time for these party punkers. Their first track is a pretty sensible radio-rocker that'll get your feet stompin'...in fact, their entire album should get your feet moving. It also comes apparent that there are two 6 string'd guitars in this band....no bass! Having a front-woman, you can definitely hear some Sonic Youth and (unfortunately) Yeah Yeah Yeahs influence in the mix, and it's trashy girl grunge done very well. The lyrics and riffs are all catchy as fuck- complaining about social inequalities for the counter(sub)-cultured, reveling in heavy testaments of the dedication to creating nightly intoxicated hazed out memories, bangin' beats of lost souls and post-punk glory, BANG! BANG! ROCK 'N ROLL is not a light listen and wholeheartedly deserves your undivided desire to swing, swagger, twist, lay in your own vomit, and of course forget it all and do it again with the small hope your brain will catch up with your experience. The album is up for a price to be determined by you, don't be stingy!


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