24 November 2011


It's been a few bands ago since we have listened to something a little more experimental. Forget The Times, from Kalamazoo and releasing through Already Dead Tapes, is a collective wall of sound whose noise improvisation is seen through a rotating cast of available musicians with one permanent fixture; Sean Hartman. While listening, it seems as though this band typically has no more than four people screeching and scratching their way to the unforeseen and undetermined end to each song. The first track on Ver Dis Pond, Playing the Tornado Pt 1, starts off with some great ambient and heady noise, but then gets rocky with some off rhythm drumming (which is a re-occurring problem with jam bands...it's the nature of the beast.) However, it's not a complete loss as the few men quickly begin to feed off one another and get into a groove that continues into track 2, the part two of track one. It immediately starts with some raw punk noise energy, then slows down into some heavy sustained weirdness that reveals some sporadic simple lyrics, maybe a sample, that wouldn't be awful had they been through out the entirety of the song. The rest of the tracks, but one, continue the lengthy atmospheric feel with moments of loose math'd acid jazz. The shortest track, More Faster Than You Can Blink, appears to be the only track that could potentially be an organized structured song, but it's inability to wrangle itself puts it in the same boat with all the others, only much much shorter. Overall, Forget The Times, is a bit sloppy and the drums are much too loud, covering the unpredictable guitar tone (buuuuuut these things are easily fixed with better mixing and some permanent members in the band). So for some uncontrolled, wild, crazy, and loose experimentation take a listen to this band of rotating artists in Kalamazoo and buy a cassette, maybe download it for FREE.

PS. Fairview Island, the last track, is a delicious mouth watering treat of sense-less fuzz, feedback, and drone! Maybe listen to this release in reverse order?