21 November 2011


Megachurch, is a three piece (two bass...something I have always wanted to do) outfit from Cleveland, Ohio. Right now, these dudes have three albums out - two of which are excellent examples of the satirical and awesome approach to music Megachurch has. If you are reading this before you listen, then let me tell you what these guys are about. Of course, with two bass players one can assume that it's going to be heavy, sludgey, and full of foot stompin breakdowns. Though, these boys don't sing - instead they cut, paste, speed up, slow down, and sample sermons from this nation's greates mega-churches (living in Colorado Springs, a town with one of the most famous mega-churches, I understand the irony witty approach and message the band is sending across). Each song, dripping with the sermon's of god's soldiers, is eerie, creepy, and as a live performance is tight knit - it would sure be a shit show if they were loose and sloppy; it just wouldn't match up with the word of god spewing at their audience. Check out their first album on bandcamp if you are interested in hearing how this started, check out their second album on bandcamp if you are one of those 8bit videogame fans (the second album is the first remixed to 8bit), and check out the third if you are interested in how they could top the first. Listen to this fantastic instrumental grooving stoner rock and roll and buy some vinyl!


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