18 November 2011


It's definitely been a few seconds since a post, and despite all the handful of great tunes waiting in the inbox, here is The Faults. A two piece from Sydney (not to be confused with The Faults of the UK), these gents melt low-end fuzz'd out groobin' guitar riffs with abrasive vocals and drums to create a lovely heavily 60s blues/garage influenced sound. Since this is your second stop after *cough* pitchfork *cough* let's say they these guys are like The Black Keys (they have a few new songs out) except, uh, better! No traditional boring sultry blues lyrics or presentation here - it's got a hell of a lot more character. And you won't find any fuzz, delay, or reverb on this front man's pipes either! The EP starts of with a great tune (that some of you saw on their digital single release Quarter/Lucy) Quarter. It does nothing shy of show off their ability to get body parts shaking and twistin'. It's not a bad way to start off. Their second tune, Little Brother, slows down a bit from the previous, and strikes a little harder at some heart strings; punching at your soul. The chord progression may be a bit on the...generic side, but when it comes to ripping out some heavy blues, it's not a surprise to find some recycled material here and there. The third track, Lucy (from the digital single), brings the audience in again for a rockin' tempo with a fantastic nostalgic garage feel. The last track, much like the second, slows things down a bit. Though, unlike the second track it picks up momentarily for a bit of lyrical/emotional disarray...and fades out at 4+ minutes. All in all, this one should be a new EP in your collection, and guess what! It's FREE! So it can be a new one in your collection! Find yourself in Sydney...go watch 'em perform! Otherwise, feel free to give these hard working men a few of YOUR hard earn dollars. GET IT!



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