20 November 2011


Recently got an e-mail from this new two-piece from Warsaw, Poland and they are pretty rad. There isn't much information on these kiddos, besides their location and that we've got Karol on drums and Daria on vocals 'n' guitar. However, if you listened to SNEAKPEEK (I know a good handful of you have) then you will have a good idea what these cats are pumpin'...some good ol' catchy girl grunge. There are only two songs up at the moment, but when they get things on cassette (which they are very soon!) then you, the great audience you are, will get 5 whole songs of minimalistic grunge-ness to drive around to, or maybe to sleep to, or maybe just some party tunes? Right now these tracks aren't fer free...but I may just change that in the future. Give them a listen!


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