21 November 2011


The Spyrals are a talented garage/psych three piece from San Fransisco, California. As of tomorrow, November the 22nd, you will all be able to purchase their latest 7'' - Sunflower Microphone. The first track, also the title track, captures a great spirit of psychedelia and transports the audience to a trip on a desert wasteland, searching for any sign of life while kaleidoscope visions of the sky cause confusion and wonderment. It's damn easy to find yourself rolling your shoulders and hips to this surf influenced tune. The song is a great treat, and if you like it then please check out Night Beats or Bad Indians. The second song on this newly released 7'' is titled Long Road Out - it's damn easy to find yourself rolling your shoulders and hips to this five minute twangy and punchy story. Some may find it a bit jammy , though after a quick puff puff pass and the extended guitar lead turns into a small journey on a river made of goldfish, all reflecting the rays of the sun. If 60s inspired rock/psychedelic with a twist of surfin' blues is your thing, spend a mere six bucks and get this 7''. The first 100 copies are on yellow vinyl. Open your ears!


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