21 November 2011


The Patterns; a three piece from Edmonton, Alberta, have been around for a couple seconds, but only a couple. Initially, I thought to share their most recent 'studio' release with you, but instead we'll take a listen to their live performance at The Hydeaway, which the band apparently got 86'd from after their show (side note: both releases are equally noise driven and brash. Check out JUNGLE BEAT). The 11 tracks, not including the first few songs they played that night, are just a bit over 30 minutes and are pretty true to how the band sounds...it's fucking live...but it isn't a good lead as to why these boys were told 'Never play here again!' With a handful of their own songs, and covers (play your own damn songs!) The Patterns put on a good show; it was loud, abrasive, trashy, and in the grand spirit of ROCK AND ROLL. There is even a bit of footage of them at this show - one, a pretty alright take on The Gories' Thunderbird ESQ. Through this little cinematic history, you can also see that these guys move around well enough to get a crowd goin'....but where's the crowd? A small applause at the end let's you know this wasn't just a practice, but it seems as though Edmonton doesn't know how to party, or maybe The Patterns are a bunch of dicks and that's actually why they cannot play there again. In either case, blues influenced garage rock is definitely their cup of tea...they do it well. The album is up for your generous donations, and make one - the sound engineer didn't work for free. AND don't forget to check out their April 2011 release, JUNGLE BEATS - it's what initially got me on board!


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  1. Love it. These boys know how to bring back good old rock n roll.