20 November 2011


The Shrills, a four piece from Callllly forneye ay, haven't digitally released anything since September 2010; however, their five song EP (with a bonus live track!) is fantastic enough to milk for awhile. They are playing around a bit, so you can't blame them. If you have been following the blog, then you may find their sound similar to WILD INJUNS; a little creepy, a little lazy, a little wierd, and a whole lotta.....right on. Their rythmns and riffs are surf influenced and straight from the adolescent years of rock and roll, while their vocals, drenched in a dated and familiar echoverb, sling about in a wierdo I don't give a shit fashion. Next time I take a girl to the good ol' Look Out Point, er Makeout Point as the youngsters call it, I will be sure to slide in this slimy and satisfying sock hoppin' 60s garage treasure. it's a sure fire way to get a little 'above the blouse' action. DOWNLOAD IT! IT'S FREE!


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